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Базилик сушеный

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Mohamed Attia Egyptian
,  Тала, EG
на Флагма с 10 ноября 2017


Good day,

We are one of reliable and efficient producers and exporters of dried Spices , Herbs and Seeds from Egypt,
Top Spice Corporation’s goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality spices, herbs, seeds.
With us, you find typical taste, flavor, and color We provide a complete line of pure spices to all over
the world, also Our years of experience in the spice business and our staff of professionals guarantee
delivery of a quality product, and We at Top Spice Co can always deliver to meet your needs.
This knowledge allows us to offer the most competitive prices to all our customers on a global level.
Please, visit our website: for more detailed information about our products.

Our Main Products:

Dried Parsley Leaves.
Dried Basil Leaves.
Dried Dill Tips.
Dried Marjoram Leaves.
Dried Thyme Leaves.
Dried Savory Leaves.
Dried Oregano Leaves.
Dried Spearmint Leaves.
Dried Peppermint Leaves.
Dried Chamomile Flowers.
Dried Hibiscus Flowers.
Dried Rosemary Leaves.
Dried Calendula Flowers.
Dried Sage Leaves.
Dried Lemon Grass
Fennel Seeds.
Caraway Seeds.
Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds
Anise Seeds

Awaiting for your kindly reply to begin our business cooperation.

Attia Mohamed.
General Manager.
"WhatsApp": .
32611 Saft Gedam, Tala City
Al Minufiyah Government, Egypt.
Tel & Fax: .

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,  Тала, EG
на Флагма с 10 ноября 2017

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